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Election Betting Odds

By Maxim Lott and John Stossel

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Chance of...

Brazil President 2022The winner of the 2022 Brazilian election, to be held on October 2, 2022 (With a second round, if needed, on October 30, 2022)

$422,312 bet so far

LulaDaSilva details
Markets   Range (Bid-Ask)   Market Volume
Betfair 🇬🇧54.3-56.5%$80,562
PredictIt 🇺🇸61.0-62.0%$27,268
Smarkets 🇬🇧51.8-62.1%$26,126


Bolsonaro details
Markets   Range (Bid-Ask)   Market Volume
FTX 🌎34.2-36.2%$288,356
Betfair 🇬🇧20.0-25.0%$80,562
PredictIt 🇺🇸17.0-20.0%$27,268
Smarkets 🇬🇧14.3-20.0%$26,126




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