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Election Betting Odds

By Maxim Lott and John Stossel

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Next PresidentPresidential Winner 2020

$302,566,913 bet so far








Electoral College (estimate: 290-248. Hover over states)
270 electoral votes needed to win
NOTE: The map may suggest a different winner than the direct betting on the left, for two main reasons:
1) The map shows the chance for any Democrat or Republican to win, not just Trump or Biden
2) Counter-intuitively, a candidate can be favored in a majority of states' electoral votes
but also not favored to win the election, if the odds are closer in their favored states,
or if certain key states statistically tend to vote together as a group.
State election odds update every 20 minutes. Last updated: 7:06AM EDT on Oct 27, 2020
Over $1 million bet. Betting is from PredictIt. FTX.com and Betfair to be added if liquid state market available

Senate Control 2020From PredictIt

$557,258 bet so far




House Control 2020From PredictIt

$938,562 bet so far





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